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Original landscape painting on canvas for sale

"Precious Light" - original acrylic painting on canvas

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Winters in Finland are dark. Very dark. During the darkest time of the year you might get an hour or two of daylight. Sometimes you don't see the sun for weeks. It might be cloudy, snowing and gloomy for what seems like eternity.

But when the sun finally shows up, even for a brief moment - it's glorious. It lights up the snow, the ice, all the dark places are glowing for a while. The sunlight is so rare, it feels extremely precious. You want to enjoy every little bit you can possibly get.

This painting captures that brief moment of winter sunlight brightening up a dark day. It's like a battle between darkness and light.

This artwork is an original acrylic painting on high quality stretched canvas. Size 55x46cm.

From the Winter landscape painting series.

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Please note: This artwork is currently exhibited and for sale in a physical shop. Please allow a longer shipping time when purchasing from my online shop.