Ilmoittaudu Vesimaisemat akryyliväreillä -kurssille!

Original abstract acrylic painting for sale online

"Trash Painting" - original acrylic painting on canvas

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Alright, the title of this painting might be slightly misleading. This artwork is definitely not trash. It is, however, created only with leftover paint from my palette after each painting session. So in that sense, all the paint on this canvas would have ended up in the trash if I didn't start this project. Even though it is created with leftovers, each brushstroke is carefully considered, and this painting has taken months to evolve.

What's most interesting to me, is that in this painting, I see a piece of every single painting I've created in the past few months. Every shade of color reminds me of something I've made. So this is like a combination of all my artwork.

This artwork is an original acrylic painting on high quality stretched canvas. Size 55x46cm.

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